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Battle Hardened Foundation's mission is to help patients and families that are struggling to pay their everyday living expense (rent/mortgage, utilities) because of a health or medical condition

​Battle hardened Foundation
recognizes the stress that people are under when dealing with their, or their loved ones illness. We strive to make a difference by  relieving the financial burden so they can concentrate on their recovery. 

Only through generous donations can we make this possible.

Gary's Story:

Battle Hardened Foundation was founded by Toni Elwell in 2013, because of the financial struggles that she had to endure due to her own son's illness.

She recognized other families in the hospitals struggling to get by and she had always wished there was someone that could help. So she decided she would take it upon herself to be the one  that helps relieve the financial burden of other families that are in need.

Our Mission:
Our History:
" Cavernous transformation of the portal vein is what the doctors call it… . I call it a living nightmare. "

​My name is Gary Lee Elwell Jr., and I was born January 20th 1990. My mom said that I was jaundice and I couldn’t come home with her, she told me that that was the worst day of her life, or though she thought at the time, she had no idea what my life was going to do to everybody later on as this story unfolds. 

501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in NY 2013